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Partecipation at the "Decarbonisation: the key role of heat pumps" event

26.11.2021 - LIFE4HeatRecovery participated to the webinar Decarbonisation: the key role of heat pumps. The whole webinar and our the presentation "Heat pumps in low-temperature district heating networks" can be seen in the Webinar section of our website.

Peer-reviewed article on LIFE4HeatRecovery activities published

29.10.2021 - Energy Reports published the article "Monitoring and aggregate modelling of an existing neutral temperature district heating network" written by Selva Calixto...

LIFE4HeatRecovery presented at SES 2021 Conference

08.10.2021 - Marco Cozzini from Eurac Research presented at the 7th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems that was held virtually on 20-21 September 2021...

LIFE4HeatRecovery Project update

09.09.2021 - In July the submitted amendment of the Project was approved by the European Commission. There are some important news that we would like to share with you...

ONE VISION 2020-24 - Alperia’s new Strategic Plan

26.03.2021 - The Management and Supervisory Board of Alperia S.p.A. have approved One Vision 2020-24, the Alperia Strategic Plan that embodies the visions of the Management, the Boards and shareholders and that will usher the Group to 2024, combining sustainability objectives with a significant growth of all the Business Units...

Three ways to cut Europe’s heating bill

25.01.2021 - Euractiv website published an article written by Marco Baresi of Turboden. Waste heat recovery and heat pumps are two of the three pillars that the author identifies as an effective way to reduce consumptions and energy costs; the third one is cogeneration.

LIFE4HeatRecovery's network 4: ReUseHeat Project

22.12.2020 - The ReUseHeat project will showcase replicable models enabling the recovery and reuse of excess heat available at urban level, with the aim to increase energy efficiency of district heating and cooling systems in cities across Europe. There is enough waste energy produced in the EU to heat the EU’s entire building stock...

Energy communities: excellent results in South Tyrol

30.11.2020 - The energy provider Alperia (partner of LIFE4HeatRecovery) and Regalgrid Europe, a leading company in the digital energy sector, had created two years ago one of the first Italian Energy Communities, a reality in which energy produced locally from renewable sources is shared...

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