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Greening our cities with district energy! Online conference 15 SEPTEMBER 2020

21.07.2020 - Decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is a major challenge to reach carbon neutrality in a near future. One solution is to provide renewable and low carbon heat thanks to district energy. Today’s most advanced 4th and 5th generation district heating and cooling systems run at low temperature, allowing less...

How can waste heat recovery help decarbonise cities?

29.05.2020 - The EU produces more waste heat than the demand of its entire building stock. Conservative estimates suggest that industrial waste heat could cover at least 25% of district heating generation. Moreover, there is significant heat recovery potential from unconventional waste heat sources...

2020 Euroheat & Power Conference | NEW DATE: 9-10 JUNE 2020

02.04.2020 - The 2020 Euroheat & Power Conference will be postponed due to growing health concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The event has been have rescheduled on Wednesday 10th of June 2020, with the pre-conference activities such as the Euroheat & Power General Assembly taking place on Tuesday 9th of June 2020...

LIFE4HeatRecovery network 2: RELaTED Project

16.03.2020 - RELaTED is a project coordinated by TECNALIA which involves 11 partners. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 768567.

Like LIFE4HeatRecovery, RELaTED is involved in the decarbonisation process with the use of low-temperature waste heat and renewable energy to be integrated in district...

LIFE4HeatRecovery's network 1: SO WHAT Project

28.02.2020 - LIFE4HeatRecovery is not the only project financed by the European Union that analyses the topics of low-temperature district heating and cooling networks, renewable energy and waste heat recovery. Thanks to the Horizon2020 and LIFE Programmes many ideas and solutions are studied and applied in the field. We would like to present you the Horizon2020 Project SO WHAT, coordinated by RINA...

Why recover low-temperature waste heat?

Waste heat recovery is a measure that has been implemented in fourth-generation district heating and cooling (DHC) systems: the network distribute energy from a centralised generation plant to the customers. Waste heat recovered in these networks had to be collected from high temperature sources, mainly from industrial processes. Moreover, recovering such energy requires complex interventions in the process plants, limiting the....

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LIFE4HeatRecovery ontwikkelt en demonstreert de effectiviteit van een nieuwe generatie van slimme stadsverwarming en -koeling, waarbij bronnen van lage-temperatuur afvalwarmte net zo zijn verdeeld als de consumenten ervan


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