LIFE4HeatRecovery presented at SES 2021 Conference
2021-10-08 21:24 LIFE4HeatRecovery presented at SES 2021 Conference   08.10.2021 - Marco Cozzini from Eurac Research presented at the 7th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems that was held virtually on 20-21 September 2021.   The aim of the conference is to establish a venue for presenting and discus...
LIFE4HeatRecovery Project update
2021-09-09 11:20 LIFE4HeatRecovery Project update   During the last months, LIFE4HeatRecovery went through a restructuring process, ending up with an amendment of the project, which was approved in July 2021 by the European Commission.   There are a lot of news and improvements in LIFE4HeatRecovery, with new act...
ONE VISION 2020-24 - Alperia’s new Strategic Plan
2021-03-26 13:11 LIFE4HeatRecovery Project update   The Management and Supervisory Board of Alperia S.p.A. have approved One Vision 2020-24, the Alperia Strategic Plan that embodies the visions of the Management, the Boards and shareholders and that will usher the Group to 2024, combining sustainability objectives...

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LIFE4HeatRecovery will develope and demonstrate the effectiveness of a new generation of smart district heating and cooling network, where low-temperature waste heat sources are as distributed as consumers are.