Four main results are expected by the actions implemented by LIFE4HearRecovery:


1. Prefabricated skids installed


2. Database of DH networks solutions and waste heat sources developed. A reliable database of energy, environmental and economic performance will be created through monitored and simulated data. The databases of suitable integration solutions and waste heat sources over the territory will be made public available, thus triggering the adoption on the market.


3. Trading schemes studied


4. Financing schemes developed. A Financing and Risk Management Plan for utility companies and investors will be elaborated, based on the assessed information Financing schemes.



LIFE4HeatRecovery proposes a risk mitigation approach, based on four pillars:


1. The utilisation of reliable pre-engineered skids (Result 1)


2. The databases of integration solutions and waste heat sources (Result 2)


3. The trading schemes developed (Result 3)


4. The synergic use of investments from public and private finance (Result 4).


Consequently, DH networks can be planned from the energy and revenues perspectives, based on reliable data made available.