Decarbonizzazione: il ruolo chiave delle pompe di calore - Decarbonisation: the key role of heat pumps


Webinar organised by NOI Techpark, 07/10/2021


Le pompe di calore nel teleriscaldamento a bassa temperatura - Heat pumps in low-temperature district heating networks, Roberto Fedrizzi


It is held in Italian, but with auto-generated subtitled translation.


The presentation is at time 2:24:20, slides can be downloaded here. 


You are kindly invited to see the whole event: all the presentations can be downloaded here

How can waste heat recovery help decarbonise cities? Best practices & policy recommendations


Industrial waste heat, session Experience from the field, "excess heat owner” – Challenges and best practices, Roberto Fedrizzi


Webinar organised by Euroheat & Power, 25/06/2020

5th Generation DHC


LIFE4HeatRecovery: valorisation of waste heat sources, Roberto Fedrizzi


Webinar organised by Euroheat & Power, 28/05/2020